Brand integration is an essential component of our strategic plan for the Mount Sinai Health System. We see defining our brand integration as the process of:

  • Ensuring that the brand promise is felt throughout our organization, our employees, and all other stakeholders
  • Bringing our brand to life across the entire spectrum of touch points

This is a long-term initiative that is dynamic and ongoing — it’s a continual, evolving process.

What Brand Integration Involves

The implementation process involves the conversion of all branded assets or materials where a logo or name currently exists. The following will take place over a two-year period from 2014 through 2015.

  • Integrating the brand promise throughout Mount Sinai and expressing our promise simply and consistently
  • Creating a distinctive and differentiated brand identity that effectively represents our brand platform
  • Closely managing the brand promise and identity across all touch points
  • Creating brand ambassadors and delivering a consistent experience

Mount Sinai Branding Initiatives in Progress

The following provides a quick review of the major rebranding implementations:

  • Exterior and interior signage: Exterior signage will begin to change during the second half of 2014 through the first quarter of 2015. Interior signage will be converted in 2015.
  • Branded vehicles: Conversion will begin in the second quarter of 2014 and continue through early 2015, with ambulances being first priority.
  • ID badges: Current badges are being converted with stickers, and new or replacement badges will have a common system-wide design.

Additionally, conversions for branded lab coats, uniforms, stationery, business cards and printed materials will occur upon reorder.

Future Integration for Mount Sinai Branding

We will continue to expand and refine our brand identity guidelines to ensure a consistent expression of our look, tone and feel. We are moving forward to ensure that all branded materials throughout the system are converted to the Mount Sinai identity, creating ease in finding us and knowing what the Mount Sinai Health System has to offer.

New information is regularly added to the Mount Sinai Brand Center to help employees gain a better understanding of our brand and what we stand for.

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