With 14 million square feet of space, the Mount Sinai Health System is one of the largest in the country. Kenneth Holden, former Commissioner of the New York City Department of Design and Construction and Continuum’s Senior Vice President for Real Estate and Facilities for more than 10 years, now heads up the Mount Sinai Health System's Facilities Department.

What Facilities Integration Involves

The integration of the Mount Sinai Health System’s Facilities Department is proceeding quickly, with focus on the following:

  • Planning, design and construction
  • Real estate
  • Corporate engineering

Mount Sinai Facilities Initiatives in Progress

Planning, Design, and Construction
Planning, Design, and Construction (PDC) entails merging operations of the former Continuum’s Planning Design, and Construction group with the Facilities Design, and Construction group at Mount Sinai. Under the direction of Vice President Loida Ramos, PDC will handle most of the system’s facilities planning needs, many of which will become approved construction projects. Working closely with the seven member hospitals, the Icahn School of Medicine, and Mount Sinai leadership, PDC will move projects quickly and professionally from concept to finished space.

PDC will manage planning and design functions and will oversee all construction management activities. These staff will be co-located once the new corporate headquarters is occupied though many will have touchdown space at the campuses in which their projects are taking place.

Real Estate
All real estate-related activities system-wide are being managed by Vice President Tom Ahn. This includes acquisition and disposition of real estate, all real estate leasing activity, as well as residential and off-site ambulatory property management. Across the seven member hospital locations, staff who worked on real estate functions for the former Continuum hospitals have transitioned to Tom Ahn’s supervision.

Corporate Engineering
Steve Monez will manage the Corporate Engineering Department for the Mount Sinai Health System. This department will help coordinate engineering projects and initiatives throughout the system including energy procurement and energy savings measures. Importantly, Steve will maximize capital dollars allocated to infrastructure improvements, ensuring our hospitals and ambulatory practices remain vibrant, efficient, and comfortable spaces in which to work and seek healing. Steve will work closely with Operations, Engineering Departments, and Information Technology.

Future Integration for Mount Sinai Facilities
During this tremendously exciting time, we look at a new corporate headquarters, numerous opportunities for clinical expansion and integration, and many projects that will help ensure the highest-level of care in New York City. We all look forward to achieving great things in the years to come.

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