Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) department of the Mount Sinai Health System transforms and supports excellence in patient care, research, and education through a unified team that advances science and medicine with innovative leading-edge solutions.


What IT Integration Involves

We are focused on providing robust, scalable, innovative, and secure IT solutions across the Mount Sinai Health System, with a common experience for physicians, faculty, students, staff, and patients. We also recognize that transforming data into actionable information and knowledge is key to achieving the mission of the Health System. We quickly combined our IT leadership teams, governance structures, and capital planning to facilitate all integration efforts moving forward. We also have evaluated our technology infrastructure, applications, processes, and staff to develop integration plans that are aligned with the strategic objectives of Mount Sinai leadership.

Mount Sinai IT Initiatives in Progress

  • Providing the tools and data necessary for any physician to practice at any site within the Health System, and to access information on their patients regardless of the campus at which they were seen
  • Integrating technology infrastructure to better support the organization, and consolidating systems such as ambulatory billing and patient portals for a better patient experience
  • Making the considerable resources of the Mount Sinai Health System’s medical libraries available digitally throughout the enterprise
  • Coordinating research initiatives and enabling the use of Minerva, our super-computer, for a larger population
  • Using multimedia technology to enable collaboration, including the delivery of medical education across campuses
  • Connecting clinical, business, and administrative systems to more effectively share data across campuses

Future Integration of Mount Sinai IT

In the future, our goal is to have a single patient record no matter where in the Mount Sinai Health System a patient is seen. This enables better and safer care, and provides physicians and other providers with the information they need, when they need it.

This will be accompanied by consolidated systems for registration, scheduling, and patient billing for a better and more efficient patient experience.

For staff, consolidated systems for finance, human resources, and other internal functions will provide consistent information, processes, and tools across the organization.

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