The combined entity of the Mount Sinai Health System, which encompasses seven member hospital campuses and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, has offered Mount Sinai Nursing new opportunities to further enhance our reputable standards of excellence and quality of care to our growing number of patients. With an approach of interdisciplinary collaboration, we are striving to ensure the highest quality of nursing care throughout the Health System in order to achieve the best possible patient experiences and clinical outcomes.  

Nursing Care, Research and Education Initiatives in Progress

Several ambitious initiatives are underway to seamlessly integrate the highest possible standards of clinical excellence, compassion, and expertise across the Mount Sinai Health System. The Mount Sinai Health System Nursing Quality and Leadership Council was recently established to advance the patient experience, patient satisfaction,  the nursing sensitivity indicators  for falls prevention, skin integrity, and use of restraints, and the professional work environment. Members of this Council include all Chief Nursing Officers of the Health System entity hospitals.

We are assessing full implementation of The Mount Sinai Hospital’s Professional Practice Model and Care Delivery System across all member hospitals. The foundation for our commitment to patients and their families, the Professional Practice Model - Relationship Centered Care integrates the care of patient and family, care of self, care of clinical colleagues, care of the health care team members and the care of the local and global community. This relationship-centered care approach assures each patient a dedicated team of professionals, led by a registered nurse and a physician, who are focused on patient safety and satisfaction. The Care Delivery Model of Modified Primary Nursing demonstrates professional nursing care, which incorporates the nurse patient relationship, accountability, autonomy, continuity, and collaboration.

Additionally, the promotion of research and advanced nursing education continues as one of the cornerstones for excellence in the delivery of patient care at Mount Sinai. The Center for Nursing Research and Education (CNRE) is facilitating multidisciplinary translational research programs, emphasizing patient care, and strengthening the nursing profession through education, innovation, and the application of research to everyday nursing practice.

Another example of ongoing improvements are changes to the Staff Uniform Policy at The Mount Sinai Hospital, where new uniforms have been designed to increase nurse visibility and recognition of the RN and other Care Team members by patients and family members. This initiative expresses the strong focus on the optimization of patient experience and the promotion of the professional image of nursing.

Future Integration at Mount Sinai Nursing

Health System milestones and goals have been set for these components of nursing care for 2014. Workgroups are collaborating to ensure these goals are met. The goal of our CNRE is to integrate research results and correlate best practices throughout our member hospitals. By extending our Professional Practice Model and Care Delivery System throughout the entire Health System, we aim to deliver seamless, professional nursing care within an interdisciplinary framework. Through these accomplishments, we will significantly enhance the patient experience, the quality of nursing, and clinical outcomes for the Mount Sinai Health System.

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