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Ear, Nose and Throat/Head and Neck Surgery at the Mount Sinai Health System

The ENT/Head and Neck Surgery team at the Mount Sinai Health System is widely recognized for their precise diagnosis and customized treatments for all diseases of the head and neck. Working in a multidisciplinary approach, our otolaryngologists are leaders in caring for patients of all ages with common and complex conditions, including head and neck cancers, thyroid and parathyroid disorders, sleep apnea, facial nerve paralysis, and disorders associated with hearing and balance, voice and swallowing, and sinuses and allergies. Mount Sinai was among the first hospitals to spearhead the use of minimally invasive robotic technology for head and neck malignancies, and more recently, sleep apnea. We also offer comprehensive facial plastic and reconstructive services, which include facial rejuvenation, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

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